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A sketch of Custom House in Monterey made by James Percival Smith.

It took a lot of donated cash, but Monterey's historic adobes are open to the public once more.

The Monterey State Historic Park adobes in downtown Monterey were largely closed to the public, along with walking tours, starting in 2007 because of budget cuts.

Thanks to a large donation from the Monterey State Historic Park Association and others, the doors reopened Friday.

"There's a big demand in the community to have those adobes open," said Michael Green, the park's manager. "... We turn in some pretty big numbers for visitation."

The tours will consist of the Custom House and its plaza, Pacific House Museum and First Brick House.

The adobes will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday holidays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fundraising ensures they will stay open until June 2015.

Green said they did manage to open the adobes for some special events the past few years but to have them open for the public on a regular basis is "huge for us."

He said about 125 people showed up at the adobes Saturday and there were comparable numbers Friday and Sunday.

The Custom House was the primary port of entry on the Alta California coast and the spot where the American flag was raised in 1846, claiming the land for the United States.

Visits there fit well into field trips for fourth graders learning about California history, Green said.

The adobes received $60,000 in donations by the nonprofit Monterey State Historic Park Association and other local donors.


The money is matched by a state program created in 2012.

Additional funding came from the Thomas Doud Sr. and Anita M. Doud fund of the Community Foundation of Monterey, the Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation and Monterey County Gives.

It is $3 for the combined admission to Custom House and Pacific House. Walking tours, which last 50 minutes, are $5. Children 12 and younger are free.

Larkin House and Cooper-Molera Adobe tours will begin in the spring.

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