Monterey County is home to a wide variety of restaurants, from casual to fine dining, ethnic cuisine to homestyle cookin'. Visitors can tour Little Napoli, dine inside a Little Chicken House and eat pizza at a Piccola Casa (Italian for Little House). Dine with dogs at Cypress Inn and chase Sticks in Pebble Beach, or cross London Bridge and travel all the way to Pacific's Edge. Don a Hawaiian shirt at Kula Ranch and nosh inside a Lumpia Hut and in an old Whaling Station. Eat Sushi by the Bay and crab Louie at The C; and enjoy everything from a confounding virtual egg (Citronelle) to a wondrous deep-fried pickle (Mucky Duck).    

Justin Cogley may not work under the glaring culinary spotlight of Las Vegas, New York or Chicago, but the executive chef of Aubergine in tiny Carmel shines just as bright as any big-city chef. And he has the credentials to prove it.   READ MORE
The Big Sur Food & Wine Festival has only five years under its slack belt, but is quite possibly the longest festival in the world ... at least in terms of geography. From the Gateway to Big Sur kickoff event held at Hyatt Carmel Highlands Thursday night (Nov.   READ MORE
You have to be a pro to make it look this easy. Under the warm sun and light breeze, surrounded by a relaxed Sunday crowd, chef Tene Shake demonstrated how to clean calamari.   READ MORE
Midway through his cooking demonstration Saturday at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival, celebrated chef Masaharu Morimoto was grating wasabi for a sushi dish. "This is a lot of work," he said after a few seconds of labor. Then he turned to one of his sous chefs. "You do.   READ MORE
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MONTEREY COUNTY is not only one of the United States' premier tourist destinations, it's also a foodie haven in its own right, with award-winning restaurants, respected chefs, wonderful wineries and fascinating bits and bites around every corner. Here's a look at some of the great places nearby and some of the fabulous food outings that you'll find in each area.   READ MORE
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Chef Profiles
Randy Wilder
On the home page of his website, celebrity chef Richard Blais highlights a short list of what currently inspires him.   READ MORE
FOR DORY FORD, eating with the seasons isn't just a buzzword — it's away of life. "Spring is coming," said the affable Ford, the former executive chef at Big Sur's renowned Ventana Inn & Spa and at Portola Café at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. "That means artichokes."   READ MORE
LEST YOU THINK that Swiss cuisine begins and ends with fondue, chef Andre Lengacher will enlighten you. "Switzerland is in the heart of Europe," said Lengacher, who is celebrating his 15th year as owner of Lugano Swiss Bistro in The Barnyard in Carmel.   READ MORE
MONTEREY>> Todd Fisher spent a year combing the country in search of bacon goodness at eateries with names like The Swinery, Lardo and Bad Decisions.   READ MORE