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Danish musician Ida Riegels plays for The Carmel Foundation on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

CARMEL >> Danish concert artist Ida Riegels will appear at the Carmel Foundation at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17.

Riegels will play a wide palette of music from the Baroque era to her own compositions. She is a concert soloist from Denmark who possesses virtuoso skills on the cello, the recorder and the piano. She is known for her intimate, warmly connecting performances and calls her three-instrument programs "Triathlon concerts."

"I am interested in what happens between the audience and the musician," she says, "how the listener, in a subtle way, becomes part of the performance. How an alert and connected audience subtly influences the performer into breathing life into the music."

Riegels will be joined by pianist Susan Bass for certain works on the program.

Riegels graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and earned distinction from The Royal School of Music's Summer International Exam Program.

Her presentation at the Carmel Foundation is free and open to the public. Call 620-8701 for more information.

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