Drew Moerlein has been shamelessly flaunting his body, teasing and taunting (presumably) innocent women with his darkly sexy ways for months now. His cohort, Michelle Vezilj, has shown no more constraint. After all, it's their job.

As the leads in "Spank!" — a musical parody of the uber-popular sex trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" by British writer E.L. James — they are playing to exuberant crowds in city after city. And raking in the laughs.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Golden State Theatre, Monterey will have its chance at this hot ticket.

The evenings will unfold into a full experience. Show up early (doors open at 7p.m.) for the pre-party and stay late for an after-party across the street at LALLApalooza. LALLApalooza's comes complete with a specially created "Spank!" cocktail.

That's not all. Ooh La La of Pacific Grove will be putting on a lingerie show both nights and interior design master and Carmel Valley resident Paula McChesney will be there with copies of a book she co-authored, "Passion By Design: Re-Decorate Your Bedroom and Re-Invent Your Love Life."

Described as "part sketch comedy, part Chippendales," "Spank!" is pulled off by just three cast members. Moerlein as Hugh Hansen, Vezilj as Tasha Wood and Amanda Barker in the role of "EBJ," the writer and narrator. Moerlein and Barker play multiple characters throughout the performance.


"Fifty Shades of Grey" tells the story of a young virgin who falls in love with (or victim to, depending on your perspective) an older man with particular sexual tastes.

In the parody they use "instruments and tools to explain certain rituals of this twisted billionaire," Moerlein said. "The sexual jokes are ripe and for the picking."

Connections with local businesses and special goodies have been a regular occurrence for the touring show.

Drew Moerlein plays the lead character Hugh Hansen in "Spank!" — a musical parody of the popular sex trilogy "Fifty Shades of
Drew Moerlein plays the lead character Hugh Hansen in "Spank!" — a musical parody of the popular sex trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" — in two shows Tuesday and Wednesday at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey. (COURTESY OF MILLS ENTERTAINMENT)

"It's the experience, so it makes perfect sense to pair that with a sexy strip class or a giveaway at a sex shop," said the lead actor.

In some instances, the actors themselves are also delving into the local culture. With 6p.m. call times, Moerlein spends the days exploring cities.

"It's an opportunity I've never had before," said the actor who has become accustomed to working extra jobs in New York to get by. "It's very wonderful."

Head writer and director Jim Millan put the production together in record time from conception to production.

Theaters across the country have been squeezing them into already booked seasons only to discover its the late-comer "Spank!" that proves the financial and energetic boost to their year.

"It's been an overwhelmingly positive response," Moerlein said. "Mainly because they know the book; they know what they're in for."

One doesn't have to have read the novels, however, to be entertained. The script allows for lead-ins to jokes and loads of pop culture references.

Many more women than men show up on any given night, but Moerlein said the men who attend have no reason to hide: "We have a little eye candy for everybody."

"Gentleman, you will not be disappointed during the show or after the show," he said addressing his gender directly. He noted that audience members tend to leave somewhat riled up, shall we say.

There have been rumors of a "Fifty Shades" baby boom. "We're hoping for a 'Spank!' baby boom," said the actor.

Amanda Barker as EBJ, the writer and narrator, Drew Moerlein as Hugh Hansen and Michelle Vezilj as Tasha Wood, from left, in Mills Entertainment’s
Amanda Barker as EBJ, the writer and narrator, Drew Moerlein as Hugh Hansen and Michelle Vezilj as Tasha Wood, from left, in Mills Entertainment's "Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody." (COURTESY OF MILLS ENTERTAINMENT)

Moerlein was secretive about the musical numbers, "I'm actually not going to ruin anything by telling you any of the titles because they are a big reveal every time."

He did say that the songs are Broadway tunes and well-known ditties with altered lyrics. "They make the show for me," he said.

While Moerlein has called the reception he receives on stage as the hunky Hugh Hansen "an actor's dream," he has a bone to pick with the Apple corporation.

His iPad display shows the titles of books he is reading at the top of the screen. "I cannot tell you how many plane rides I've taken where women are openly laughing at me."

He'd specifically bought the trilogy on his iPad so that no one would know he was reading it.

Word's out, Drew. And wait until they find out what else you do.

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What: Mills Entertainment presents "Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody"
Where: Golden State Theatre, 417 Alvarado St., Monterey
When: 8p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22 and Wednesday, Jan. 23; doors open at 7p.m. for pre-show party
Tickets: $36, available at the box office, open 4:30-6:30p.m. daily (later on evening of events), at 324-4571 or www.goldenstatetheatre.com
Information: www.goldenstatetheatre.com