Lunch at the Noodle Bar in Seaside.
Lunch at the Noodle Bar in Seaside. (David Royal/Herald file)

MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN those features in Sunset magazine or the New York Times: How to spend a weekend in Some Nice Place Somewhere. And though I have seen those for Moss Landing and for Santa Cruz, I don't know that I have seen one for the greater Monterey Peninsula. So, to fill a void, here are this editor's picks for how he would spend a responsibility-free weekend hereabouts.

Children play near the Big Sur River.
Children play near the Big Sur River. (Vern Fisher/Herald file)

Saturday breakfast: The Toro Cafe on 68. Order anything at all.

Saturday morning: Yard sales, starting on the Highway 68 corridor, possibly detouring into Salinas if the Herald yard sale ads were enticing, and then onto the Peninsula for knick-knacks, maybe some vinyl. I would keep an eye out, of course, for the periodic sale at the Moose Lodge on Canyon del Rey in Del Rey Oaks.

Saturday lunch: The Noodle Bar in Seaside. The food's great, the counter is funky and the crowd is always interesting.

Saturday afternoon: Thrift stores, starting with St. Vincent DePaul on Fremont Avenue in Seaside. I'd hit the sometimes open, sometimes not Salvation Army, also on Fremont, the new Goodwill in Marina, the cluster of downtown thrifts in Pacific Grove and the relatively elegant ones near the Barnyard in Carmel.


Saturday dinner: Monterey Fish House or Massaro & Santos at the Coast Guard Pier. With all the money I saved by thrift-shopping, I'd splurge.

Saturday night entertainment: I'd go wherever Herald entertainment writer Mac MacDonald is going. Or the Osio Cinema.

Sunday breakfast: Jeffrey's in the Mid-Valley Shopping Center in Carmel Valley. Order everything.

Sunday morning: Drive down the coast, maybe make a detour down funky Palo Colorado Canyon, take a hike at Garrapata.

Sunday lunch: Big Sur Bakery. I can remember almost every bite I've had there.

Sunday afternoon: Take the dog to Carmel Beach. By late in the day, the tourists have headed home and I can be tremendously smug about not having to head somewhere else with them.